Alberto Almagro

Hi! I am a remote Ruby on Rails consultant with +7 years of international professional experience in Germany and Spain


As a child, electronic machines had always my attention. When I wasn’t playing Lego I could be trying to fix the video recorder, tuning in the TV or simply playing video games.


When the first computer arrived to my home, I became its biggest fan since the beginning. I was only 11 years old and since then, computers and I are inseparable.


I have a degree in Computer Science by the University of A Coruña. After finishing my degree, I relocated to Stuttgart and later to Munich, Germany. In Germany I learnt how to deal with high demanding clients in the German automobile industry and of course, also German. Besides of German, you can also contact me in English, Spanish or Galician if you want 😉


After a while, I realized I wanted to see the sun from time to time, so I relocated in Barcelona. In Barcelona I started using Ruby on Rails on my daily job! After some time, I decided to start working remotely and go back to my home town, A Coruña, which of course is the best city in the world, but don’t say it too loud, we must keep it secretly 😉


In my free time I like to learn new stuff, although it may seem useless, and I also read lots of books. I enjoy running and walking, specially near Tower of Hercules. I am cofounder of Kobabunga, which by the way you should be using if you are a Spanish speaking company. I love the feeling of giving back to the community and contributing to open source, specially to the Ruby on Rails framework. I admire the work of Xavier Noria and I thank him for all his advise and inspiration.


These are the companies I have worked with during my career

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I like to write about things I learn on my free time or about problems I face on my daily work. Here you can see my 4 latest posts

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  • Last week I started reading Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas. As I like to read every part from the books I get, I discovered a very interesting present at the beginning: a foreword by José Valim about how the way we write code has evolved to......

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